Tribute for Chester Bennington

I am sure that everyone, literally everyone, know who Chester Bennington is. I grow up listening to Linkin Park, and I know all of their songs with the lyrics too! Knowing that Chester is gone, it really shocks me, I feel sad instantly. I could not imagine what his family, and his closest friends going through right now. Chester took his own life by hanging himself. It sounds harsh. But we too never know what he gone through, why he do so. I read online news and media stated it was caused by depression. (Depression is real, and this shows how severe it can be) Fans all around the world is devastated by his passing. I see tributes for Chester in different languages everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This shows how well-known Chester is. People stated how his music have helped them going through high school, break-ups and so forth. It’s true, for me. Even he is gone, but he will surely be remembered, (this cliche line). I will keep listening to his music, will always love his epic vocal 🙁😞


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