Talk to someone.

‘Talk to someone’ they say. I can’t. I have tried. But I can’t. I did reach the counselor, I have also tried my friends, nor my family. I did said to them that I would like to express the problems, feelings that I am dealing with. But right when they hit back and say “Sure, talk away”, I became speechless, changed my mind, and say “It’s okay, nothing serious”. I  am not sure what really keeps me back, from speaking out what’s on my mind. I do not know why it is so hard, so heavy for me to answer, to talk, to share. They asked me “what do you stress on so much?”, I just can’t answer them. I like to share things, but to share my problems? Nope. So the end of the day, I just keep it to myself. Secrets are a different thing, I have thousands of secrets, but secrets are meant not to be told right? So I guess it is an exception? What if that secrets is the cause of my problems which leads to stress and depression? If one day I would find the right time, right person to talk to, it will be a long long conversation. But I don’t think that day will come. Ha!


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