Being 90’s kid my siblings and I get to experience the hardship that my parents dealt with back then. They work hard to provide me and my siblings our needs. We got only the essential needs. There were no smartphones, no iPad, no PlayStation and any other high technology gadget. So what did we do for fun? we played hide and seek, Lego, play tea time, watch cartoons together and so on. We have plentiful of what I call, ‘face-to-face’ time. We learned how to tolerate, to look out for each other and many other bonding qualities that we may get. Even if we fought with each other, we know at the end of the day we need each other.  This has helped until this day to be appreciative and respect between ourselves. Growing up in thriving Malaysian society and culture, which goes through modernization ever day, in my perspective I could see the changes in behavior or attitude in today’s generation. What it seems to be, a negative change. Being pampered with the technology and all the ‘easy access’ causes this negative impact.

From my observation, parents today tend to leave their kids play with their respective gadgets. These kids are immersed to their gadget that they spend their fun time wasted on playing games, watch cartoon in just one hand-held gadget provided by their parents. This causes the lack of real time conversation and interaction among the kids, their parents and people in their surrounding which leads to the lack of communication skills. I went to a house with full of kids ranging from 4 to 8 year old, but I was given the ‘silent treatment’ by those kids, why? they are all getting into their own gadgets. Back when phones are only for adults, I remember during my childhood, we would be making loud noises, laughter and screaming of joy, running around the house even there were visitors. I can also see that most of these kids whom are pampered by technology tend to be loner. They seem to do less talking, and usually are not interested in engaging conversation.

I really hope that new parents today will learn the cons of high technology gadgets on children. How it affects health, behavior or attitude, social activities, and morality of the kids. However, the negative impacts may also occurred to teenagers and adult with limitless control of using technology. The reliance on technology can never be diminished but we can control it. I would like to see the comeback of ‘age restriction’ on using gadgets for kids. All in all, this is just from my point of view living in between the young Malaysian generation. 👶👧👦


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