First Post! The gist …

Greetings, I’m very new to writing blogs. Yes, an amateur. Everything that I write is merely from what I feel and thought of. As this is my first post, the basic introduction for my upcoming posts, I would like to point out some concerns on my writings.

First of all, please excuse my grammar errors if it ever occurred in my upcoming post. I took foundation in Teaching English As Second Language (TESL), and currently a student majoring in English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS). Even with these English background of mine, I’m still lacking in English Grammar. Well, I’m still trying to learn! And this is one of the purpose on writing this blog. Informality way of writing will be utilized, however semantically understandable.

Secondly, it is okay for you, readers, to correct me if I’m wrong in ways such as the grammatical errors I make in my posts or the facts that I quote. If you have the feeling of disliking or wanting to refute on what I post, you may reach me by personal message or email. I believe in the freedom of writing, the power of writing, just like Yeats’s believe in the power of literature writing in politics and war. (To Ireland In The Coming Times, William Butler Yeats)

Thirdly, regarding the topics I will discuss on in my upcoming posts. I will mostly or 100% post in review method/style.  I put up a general title for my blog; ‘The very Honest Review’ so I will not be restricted to small categories or topic on what I should write. Examples of some of the topics for my upcoming posts which are, review on life events, products, video games, food and beverages, history, literature, music and so on.

Fourth, I would like to express advanced gratitude for you readers because to spend your precious time reading my posts is such an honor. I will try my best to improve my writing further.

I hope my writing will be beneficial to you, readers, as it is to me. Have a good day! Thank you. 😁😁🎉🎊


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